Balance is the key.

Imagine walking a tightrope - balance is crucial to success.

We tread the Tightropes of life in our everyday situations.  We earnestly practice the philosophy we have been taught; do unto others, let go, be in the moment, if it's difficult then it's not meant to be....

But God helps those who help themselves.

It's not meant to be hard work.  Our challenge is to learn how to:-

  • work smarter not harder
  • put a value on self without becoming greedy
  • be in the moment but be able to make a commitment
  • honour the self without becoming selfish
  • use desire to manifest without becoming attached 
  • have the courage of our convictions without becoming dogmatic
  • take responsibility without believing we can go it alone
  • become informed of world events without becoming negative
  • maintain spontaneity but still do necessary preparation
  • attain acceptance without apathy

The Tightropes are a concept I received intuitively and they keep revealing themselves to me through daily life.

The 'pairs of opposites' were taught to us in the Mystery Schools in past incarnations. Elizabeth Haich in 'Initiations' explains them as they were in Ancient Egypt and Norma Milanovich has used her version of them in her powerful workshops.

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