To gather knowledge of a spiritual nature, filter and simplify, and then disseminate by whatever means available to me, including my Blog, Facebook, and my book, From Victim to Victory, currently being revised.

To challenge conventional ways of thinking and encourage Personal Responsibility for creating the Life you want to Live.

To embrace Change as a friend, with courage and to show others how to choose Change in their lives, to move towards Becoming All that they Can Be.

To Boldly Go!

To that end I have assisted a friend to write his masterpiece; The 21st Century Book of the Dead by Laurence James Lucas was published in 2003. Our agreement had originated in another dimension and I immediately recognised it when he asked me if I would help him. Over a five year period we would get together for a few days at a time to sort through scribbled ideas and turn them into a truly significant book. Then we published through StarDrum Books imprint. In the decade since, Laurence has developed his work in leaps and bounds, and his latest can be found at http://www.change-your-life-ljl.com

After that I went ahead and helped a few more people to publish before completing my own work, From Victim to Victory, first released in 2005 and now revised and released in 2013. It had been almost ready since before our round-the-world trip in 1995 so had been languishing for a decade. It is aimed at seekers new on the path, tells my story of how an 'ordinary' woman came to have some way-out ideas, and then draws together everything I had learnt, tools for reclaiming your Empowerment.

My next work, A Choice in Every Moment, takes place during our travels in 1995-96 and will be released in 2014.

Great Mystery is another way I am assisting in sharing this knowledge. Owned by my dear friend Robin Johnson, and established for more than two and a half decades, Great Mystery now hosts online salons, giving advanced learning from some of the most profound teachers on the planet. I have worked with Robin for around eight years. Please visit Great Mystery comprehensive site at www.greatmystery.org


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