If we take a look back through history, we will see tales of ancient civilisations such as Lemuria and Atlantis which remain a mystery.  Did they exist or not?  Is there a secret history to our planet which we have lost.  We know something of the great civilisations of Egypt, Greece and Rome, the ancient Mayan peoples but what is not generally accepted is the Mystery School Teachings from these ancient cultures.

After the fall of these great civilisations, we eventually entered the Dark Ages. The only people who could read and write were the priesthood and so most people could only know that which was taught to them.  The great secrets went underground.

Then in around the 1500s, when the Gregorian calendar was adopted for unifying the measurement of time, humanity began a journey to seek greater understanding of its surroundings.  Science discovered all sorts of exciting things; the Earth was not flat, the Sun was the centre of the Universe, gravity meant that things always fall to Earth and so on.

For five hundred years, mankind has investigated Earth and the near Cosmos, has advanced technology and medicine, has gone as far as possible into isolation and in doing so has forgotten his connection to All That Is.

The search has still left him hungry.

Back since the beginning of time, mankind has sought to understand.  Tribal peoples have worshipped the Planet and Nature; the spirit of the land and the magic of it all.  Pagan lore was increasingly lost, but the search for a deeper meaning led to an interest in the occult, the paranormal.  People like Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Theosophists introduced us to a spiritual hierarchy, psychic phenomenon, fairies, séances, trances, ectoplasm, mediums, transfiguration and clairvoyance.

Over time, our evolution brought the emergence of the modern ‘spiritual’ movement: nothing new, just the next stage.  

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