At some point in our lives, every one of us will face a loss of some kind, it is one of the Initiations. Though the type of loss and the experience of it will be different there are nontheless major similarities in that they all put us in touch with our emotions and make us face the things that we are unhappy about in our lives.  Of course nothing will change the situation, but understanding that when we look at what's wrong in our lives and make changes, we are likely to be better able to deal with our loss.


Nothing can prepare us for the loss of a loved one. Whether it is sudden or expected the adjustment and the pain are enormous.

But what happened when the whole world mourned the death of Princess Diana?  Why did it effect so many people so much?  


The breakup of a relationship is like losing a limb.  A part of you is no longer there.  The loss can be huge and adjustment takes time, especially since, unlike with bereavement, there is always the chance that it is not irreversible.


Losing your job is like losing part of your identity.  I am Annee, Yoga trainee, Wellbeing specialist etc.  If I am no longer these things, who am I? 


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