Once upon a time people thought the world was flat and that if you travelled far enough you were in danger of falling off the edge. Today, belief that we are alone in the vast cosmos, may soon prove to be as out of date.

Interest in ancient civilisations is uncovering the possibility that we may not have the full story when it comes to our History and also poses the question as to whether Earth has ever been visited by beings from other planets or spheres of existence. 

Crop circles

Another aspect of this area of interest is Crop Circles which have been appearing for a number of years in ever-increasing complexity.

UFOs/Alien Visits

There are an increasing number of reports of sightings of UFOs (of either terrestrial or extraterrestrial origin), alien abductions, contact with extraterrestrials and this trend has surely been reflected in the popularity of films over the last 20-30 years such as the Star Wars trilogy, Star Trek, Contact, Close Encounters of a Third Kind, ET and many, many more.


Reincarnation is the belief that we have lived before, any number of lifetimes and therefore that we may live again.  

Many people believe that they have had experiences suggesting that they have been on Earth before; either a place or a person reminds them of something they can't quite remember.

This concept leads to the belief that it is possible to have contact with dis-incarnate beings (people not presently in a physical body) and therefore a belief in Spirit Guides and Teachers, enlightened beings who have our well-being at heart.

To go one stage further then, brings us to mysteries of ancient buildings such as the Pyramids at Giza or Mexico; the Nazca Lines in Peru, hidden cities beneath the ocean and many other topics which are today being exposed and investigated.

And of course, we can also consider that in many, if not all, of the world's religions there is popular belief in beings described as Angels, Fairies, Cherubim and Seraphim and other dimensional Beings of Light, including the Masters popular in the Spiritual culture of today.


Always there to help us!  There's an Angel for everything. Have you met yours yet?

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