I have always loved the movies! I particularly like the idea put forward in Richard Bach’s ‘Illusions’ that life is like a movie and we can write ours as we like. We are the producer, director and the STAR!

Since my teens I have loved Sci Fi as a means of expanding consciousness, to consider impossible possibilities. Stories that inspire, uplift and inform are for me.

Here are just some movies that have lifted and inspired me, reminded me of what I’m trying to achieve or just opened my heart to joy!

Lord of the Rings - a fellowship of friends and allies embark on a perilous mission to destroy the One Ring. Tolkien's amazing trilogy of Middle Earth.

I saw Return of the King three times before it was too late to see it on the big screen any more and once again was astounded and delighted with the multiple layers in this story. Tolkien said that he did not write from any rememberance or experience of other worlds, but he must have done so from some level or another!

The perennial struggle of Light against Dark is so magnificently told in these stories - think of Gandalf riding out from Minas Tirith and holding his Staff aloft to scare away the Nazgul; see how courage even in the face of absolutely impossible odds pays off; think of the moment when Gandalf explains to Pippin that this will not be the end, even if it does end here; and note how at the Black Gates, as the Seeing Eye retreats, the ground breaks up under all the evil forces but not under our heroes' toes! Ponder on Frodo almost unable to part with the ring at the edge of the Fire, when Sam pleads - "Just let it go!" (how many of us find it so hard to give up unpleasant or impossible situations just because we are used to carrying them?) and think of who is your Sam in your life, the unsung hero without whom it could never happen, the misunderstood, sometimes overlooked loyal one who is always there for you.

Truly this Masterpiece inspires - I could go on and on. Surely the Masterpiece of the Millennium!

Contact - SETI and a message from Vega leads to the building of a space vessel to travel beyond the confines of Earth

Close Encounters of a Third Kind - a series of events leads to the ultimate encounter with other worldly beings and an awesome Mothership!

ET - phone home! Showing how Love can save the day.

Roswell - 1947 landings at Roswell, New Mexico; the real story?

Beyond the Stars - a young man who wants to be an astronaut, meets his hero

Starman - at our invitation, a man from outer space comes to visit; how we treat him, how he finds us

Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi - A long time ago in a galaxy far away.... a wonderful trilogy about the good and evil in each of us and how we can choose the light or dark side. Followed by the prequel trilogy.

Timescape - visitors from the future, come to see spectacles at first hand and our hero learns how to change the future

Ghost - a man reaches out to his wife from beyond this life

Frequency - accidental connections across dimensions

Groundhog Day - keep reliving the same day over and over, till you get it right

Pleasantville - a town where everything is black and white until people experience a sense of freedom

Pay it Forward - a little boy has an idea for changing the world, with dramatic effect

Fairy Tale - a little girl takes pictures of fairies in the woods near her home

Powder - a very unusual young man

My Dinner with Andre - conversation in a restaurant about life experiences

Leap of Faith - inspiring story about a woman diagnosed with a life-threatening disease; the alternative paths she takes and her ultimate triumph

Strictly Ballroom - follow your heart!

Shirley Valentine - take a risk now and then

Kiss the Sky - two men in crises explore their inner journey

Sliding Doors - possible alternative realities



Conspiracy Theory, Philadelphia Experiment, The Matrix, Fifth Element, Sixth Sense,

and then more recently:

The Adjustment Bureau, Deja Vu, Simone, Men Who Stare at Goats, The Help, Happy Feet, Eat Pray Love, and so many more!

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