We create our own lives.

There is plenty of evidence to show how this statement is true. Our thoughts and feelings create our reality including our physical bodies. Or to put it another way, the body reflects the way we think and feel.

As quantum science discovers more and more about the nature of reality, we find that everything is vibration. Thoughts have vibrations too. The higher vibration, the healthier we are. Positive thoughts of love, generosity, happiness create high vibrations.

It therefore becomes imperative that we accept 100% responsibility. Not blame! What we have now is just the result, the karma. (Karma is not a punishment, just a result). Change our actions, thoughts and mood, and we will change the outer reality.

And it doesn’t take long!


What you see in others is what you need to look at in yourself.

It’s a really useful tool to notice anything that annoys you in someone else and take a look at yourself. Ask “Do I do that?” “Am I like that?” With your new-found sense of responsibility, you can then bring about the change you seek for the better.


And we're in kindergarten!

We chose to come. We chose the life circumstances so that we could learn the lessons they offer, just like taking a University degree we choose the course we want, the lessons we seek to learn. If life is tough, seek to make changes in self that will alter the outer reality.

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