Change your Mind - Change your Life!

Life-style change has become fashionable. Pioneered by people like Louise Hay with her ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ approach, and furthered by Oprah Winfrey and Dr Phil McGraw, the notion of changing your mind to change your circumstances is gaining recognition.
This whole new way of thinking is fundamental to wholistic health.

Times are changing fast /more...

Philosophy for Life

Being thankful for the good things you have in life. As soon as you give thanks, whether it be for your health, your work, your friends, your family, the Universe responds with more. Gratitude overcomes anger, dissatisfaction and the miseries! more...

The Three Essential Tools

We create our own lives.

There is plenty of evidence to show how this statement is true. Our thoughts and feelings create our reality including our physical bodies. Or to put it another way, the body reflects the way we think and feel. more...

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