Annee Madeleine Mannall

ISBN: 978-0-9544956-7-1
Published through StarDrum Books, 5 September 2013

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Natural Health is not just about taking Echinacea instead of antibiotics. And being Spiritual is not only a set of beliefs.  So just what is behind the massive interest in Alternative Health today?  And what does ‘Spiritual’ really mean? 

In my first book ‘From Victim to Victory’ I tell my own story of how discovering the spiritual path can make a real difference to our lives; how changing your mind can lead to finding that life is not just a series of unrelated unhappy accidents, but a Journey we each must make whether consciously or not.

Humans have always been explorers.  Since the beginning of time we have reached out to discover the world, the cosmos, and our connection to it. 

In spite of what we might believe from events around the world, most people do not want to live in war and strife.  The vast majority of us want Peace but do not yet understand that we must first find it within before we can attain it in our communities and countries.

Life is a roller-coaster ride!  It appears that we are victims of circumstances, powerless to change our situation, whether it be losing a job or having to stay in it to pay the bills.  From Victim to Victory shows that whatever cards life deals, the ability to win the game lies within each of us.

As we discover our own personal power, our anger at injustices can subside and peace can prevail.  Peace in ourselves leads to peace in our family and work environments, and ultimately to Peace in the World.

When I was just a girl, I had a strange experience. I was sitting at my dressing table, brushing my long dark hair and I was taken into the mirror. I was gone for a while, maybe ten minutes, and when I returned I knew that I was among people who did not experience the world as I did.

As a teenager, I had a huge fascination with sci-fi. I loved how it expanded my way of seeing things, but I also knew that there was a truth in some of the ideas. I began to realise that I ‘knew’ about other levels of existence, other worlds.

My working career started as a secretary in a solicitors’ office, then I became British Caledonian Airways’ first ever Word Processor Operator, ran my own Word Processing Agency, designed three inter-related databases for an management employment agency. Most of these tasks gave me some sense of challenge and interest but no fulfilment. I quit in my forties to train in Anatomy & Physiology, Reflexology and Aromatherapy, and then Heart Awakening, a profound emotional experience. Later I became a Yoga teacher and found an interest in natural nutrition.

I prefer to think of myself as qualified through the University of Life.

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